North Texas Collegiate Consortium

Connecting Business and Education


The North Texas Collegiate Consortium, established in 1993, is an association of recruiters from North Texas Colleges and Universities. The members of the Consortium assist employers in their efforts to encourage an educated workforce by coordinating their education fair needs with all members of the Consortium. This means that the employer simply provides the facilities and advertises the event with their employees. The Consortium eliminates the need for hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and coordination with all of our universities and colleges.

The North Texas Collegiate Consortium recognizes that an educated employee is our most valuable resource. Therefore, the Consortium, working together in collaboration with business, industry, and other community organizations, seeks to offer their service to encourage, promote, and provide continued education options for adults.

This service is offered by members of the North Texas Collegiate Consortium to serve business, industry, and community organizations while promoting associate, bachelor, graduate, and doctoral level study.

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